Chapter 695: Dual Tribulations Once Again

Chapter 695: Dual Tribulations Once Again

The surface of the lake surged and rumbled within the quiet great hall. Wave after wave of exceptionally frightening energy fluctuations spread out continuously from the bottom of the lake, causing a fuzzy distortion within the space of the great hall.

At the bottom of the lake, a person quietly seated in the middle of the great array. His Devouring Power had taken the form of a black hole behind him and was slowly rotating. It was akin to a bottomless pit as it devoured the seemingly endless incoming energy like a whale...

Ying Xuanzi was standing at the edge of the lake with his hands behind his back. He occasionally cast his gaze at Lin Dong, who was at the center of the great array, and would nod slightly from time to time.

“As expected of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. This rate of absorption far exceeds that of an ordinary individual...”

An aged voice suddenly rang out from behind Ying Xuanzi. Instead of turning around, he merely smiled, “The Devouring Ancestral Symbol is undoubtedly a heavenly treasure. However, if it was given to someone else, it would still be extremely difficult to reach this stage given the status of a low rank empire member.”

“Haha, what sect master means is that even though Lin Dong has a godly treasure, he still knew the importance of discretion. For someone at his age, that is quite impressive.”

An old man wearing a blue robe had unknowingly appeared at behind Ying Xuanzi. His eyes were similarly resting on Lin...

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