Chapter 691: Rest

Chapter 691: Rest

His consciousness was in constant darkness. While he was semi-conscious, Lin Dong faintly heard some soft and gentle sounds ringing beside his ear. These sounds were melodious and very touching. It gave one the urge to open one’s eyes to see the appearance of the voice’s owner...

However, in the end, Lin Dong did not open his eyes. Deep weariness swelled and rushed out from the depths of his mind like a tide, causing his eyes to remain shut.

This weariness lasted for quite a long period of time. Finally, after a long struggle, his eyes forcefully pushed apart his eyelids and opened a small crack.

A gentle ray of sunlight shot down on him. This caused the crack between Lin Dong’s eyelids to grow increasingly large before the sunlight finally banished the darkness...

After opening his eyes, the first thing that appeared in Lin Dong’s vision was a quiet room filled with the scent of sandalwood. Vermillion red-coloured light reflected off his surroundings and bloomed within his eyes. It had a calm yet imposing atmosphere.

Lin Dong stared at the strange and unfamiliar environment around him. An extremely brief moment of absentmindedness flashed past his eyes. In the next instant, he suddenly stood up. Just as he was about to leap forth, his body turned soft. A powerless sensation started to spread from his limbs and his body, leaving Lin Dong with no...

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