Chapter 688: Killing Su Lei

Chapter 688: Killing Su Lei


A mighty and wild Yuan Power swept out from Yao Ling’s body in all directions at this moment. His eyes were unusually ferocious as he stared at the figure in the distance. The long spear in his hand shook suddenly. A buzzing sound appeared before a hundred feet large spear glow directly penetrated through the empty air and flew explosively towards Lin Dong with a lightning like speed.

The speed of the spear was extremely rapid and it covered all of Lin Dong’s escape paths in the blink of an eye, forcing him to once again halt his attack towards those weaker members of Devil Seal Mass. He forcefully turned his body around and swung the black tree in his hand in a vicious manner. A shocking strength spluttered out. Even the invisible air was blasted apart by his strength, that seemed to possess an actual form.


The two collided heavily. A shocking energy ripple spread apart wildly while being accompanied by a loud sound. Lin Dong’s body trembled as he hurriedly retreated...

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