Chapter 687: Swallowing the Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits

Chapter 687: Swallowing the Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits


Five bright red Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits emitted a gulp sound as they moved down Lin Dong’s throat and were swallowed into his stomach.

“Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruit?”

When Yao Ling saw this scene, there was not a tinge of shock in his eyes. Instead, he shook his head somewhat pitifully as he said, “Ignorant fool. Looks like you have never seen an Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruit before. Do you know how fierce and violent the energy contained within a fruit is? Swallowing five at the same time… forget about you, it is likely that even I would not be able digest all of them…”

“You might think that your action is fearsome but it is merely just a foolish and rash act. What a stupid brat.”

Yao Ling’s face had a cold smile as he stared at Lin Dong. Given the current situation, it was likely that he did not even need to take action. In fact, Lin Dong would likely be tormented by that wild and violent energy until he end up suffering a fate worse than death.

Su Lei, Luo Yi and the rest beside him were also looking at Lin Dong in a mocking manner. It was as if they were looking forward to see just how miserable...

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