Chapter 679: A Troublesome Situation

Chapter 679: A Troublesome Situation

Swoosh swoosh!

The sound of wind splitting continuously resounded over the skies above the mines. Lin Dong’s group watched as numerous figures with powerful auras walked through the skies towards them, before finally coming to a stop and hovering in the skies above the mines.

Lin Dong’s watched the figures that had rushed over from the skies as his expression gradually turned solemn. He could sense a rather formidable and oppressive pressure from their bodies. Evidently, none of them were ordinary individuals.

“We are in trouble…” Yuan Fang’s face also gradually turned ugly because of these newcomers. Soon after, she clenched her teeth and softly whispered.

“Do you know these people?” Lin Dong softly inquired.

Yuan Fang laughed bitterly and said, “Look at the northern area, the one in green is called Xiao Tian. People call him the Eroding Demon Hand. He is fifth on the sects’ wanted list and an eight Yuan Nirvana stage expert…...

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