Chapter 678: Bad News

Chapter 678: Bad News

The green light pillar broke through the forest and entered the clouds. Like an enormous green light barrier, it descended from the sky. The commotion that it caused could clearly be seen everywhere within a fifty kilometre radius.

Lin Dong’s expression turned grim when he saw this scene as he deeply breathed in. Looks like it was going to be impossible to quietly bring the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed back to the Dao Sect.

By his side, the joy on the faces of Ying Huanhuan and the others also swiftly disappeared at this moment, while panic flashed across their eyes.


In the forest, Yuan Fang was also alarmed by this commotion. Brining a dozen disciples with her, she rushed over, only to end up sighing when she saw the expression on everyone’s faces.

“Has this news been transmitted back?” Lin Dong swiftly collected himself and asked in a solemn voice.

“It should have reached them. However, regardless of how...

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