Chapter 676: Kill

Chapter 676: Kill

A grey demon eye appeared between Lin Dong’s eyebrows as a shocking evil aura unfurled from it.


Without skipping a beat, a grey light beam filled with an extremely frightening destructive force suddenly exploded from the demon eye!

The light beam distorted space itself as it shot out, causing the fearsome-looking Fire Crystal Ape King’s expression to change drastically as a rich sense of danger seeped out from his heart.


A violent roar was suddenly released from the Fire Crystal Ape King’s mouth! Resplendent red light poured out from his body, swiftly gathering together to form fiery red crystals which completely wrapped around him.

When sunlight shone on these fiery red crystals, they looked as solid as diamonds and gave off a powerful and frightening defensive power.

However, that grey light beam did not slow down at all. Instead, it directly penetrated through the empty space. In the next moment, it collided heavily on that fire red crystal body.


A slight hissing sound was continuously...

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