Chapter 668: The Fifth Senior Direct Disciple

Chapter 668: The Fifth Senior Direct Disciple

The radiant golden shield started to collapse at an astonishing speed due to that grey light beam. That defensive shield, which was able to resist an all-out attack from a Seven Yuan Nirvana Stage expert, collapsed just like paper mache.

At this moment, a panic-stricken expression quickly appeared on Jiang Hao’s face. However, since he was able to become one of the four senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall, he was no ordinary individual. In the face of danger, he acted in a decisive fashion. Immediately, he lightning quick stomped on his crumbling golden shield, before he used that momentum to retreat.


The moment Jiang Hao made his sudden explosive retreat, the grey light had already thoroughly smashed a hole through his golden shield. Furthermore, it continued on with an astonishing speed and flew straight towards Jiang Hao.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jiang Hao’s face turned solemn as he quickly retreated. As he continuously waved his sleeves, waves of powerful...

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