Chapter 646

Tong Chuan was defeated.

The atmosphere on the platform above the Pill River quieted down. There was some dense shock that still remained in the eyes of quite a number of people. Clearly, the end results had exceeded their expectations.

Tong Chuan might not be considered to the elite amongst the Desolate Hall disciples, but he was fairly famous amongst the direct disciples. Hence, these Desolate Hall’s disciples were filled with shock when they saw this result.

“Tch tch, this Hundred Empire War champion name really contained some real substance to it.”

“That’s right, Lin Dong has just joined the Desolate Hall. If he is allowed to train here for some time, it is not impossible for him to even catch up with senior Pang Tong and the others.

“Looks like our Desolate Hall is going to produce another outstanding person. Haha, it’s just as well. In this way, it will boost the reputation of our Desolate Hall. Otherwise, we might end up being firmly suppressed by the other three...

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