Chapter 638: Dazzling Great Yan

Chapter 638: Dazzling Great Yan

Great Yan Province, Lin City.

As the hometown of the Lin Clan, Lin City was always fairly crowded, and its size also placed it amongst the top cities in the empire. From a distance away, it looked impressive and majestic.

At the center of Lin City, the clan meeting hall, which was usually reserved for special occasions, was currently filled with a massive crowd. All kinds of noises gathered together, the resulting buzzing noise making one feel as if one was in a beehive.

All the Lin Clan elders were present at the middle of the meeting hall, and at this very moment, all of their attention was directed towards the chief’s seat. A man was seated at that spot. An absent-minded look currently filled his usually fearsome face.

“Clan Leader.”

As the most senior elder in the clan, Lin Mu could not help but cough gently as he watched Lin Fan’s expression. Half an hour ago, Lin Fan had issued the highest command in the clan and summoned all the elders back to their headquarters. One should know that this command had only ever been issued twice ever since the founding of the...

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