Chapter 636: Joining the Dao Sect

Chapter 636: Joining the Dao Sect

Majestic Yuan Power rippled in the sky, accompanied by an endless pressure as it spread. Under this pressure, everyone on the mountaintop felt the Yuan Power within their bodies begin to show signs of solidifying, immediately causing shock to arise in their hearts. As expected of the super sect experts, just their pressure alone was already so powerful…

Wu Dao and Liu Tong faced each other in the sky, a dark and cold look in their eyes. One could faintly see murderous desire surface within their eyes. It was very difficult to imagine that these two had joined forces to fight the experts from the Western Xuan Region not long ago. Now however, they showed signs that they were about to meet on the battlefield.

Lin Dong was also a little stunned when he saw this scene. Clearly, he also did not expect that the two of them would turn against each other so quickly. Moreover, it was obvious from their expressions that they would not hold back at all.

“Looks like there is something amiss between the Yuan Gate and the Dao Sect…” Lin Dong softly muttered.

“If that fellow from back then was allowed to grow smoothly, he would definitely be a giant like existence now. Such a loss was truly like cutting off the flesh of the Dao Sect. Do you think that kind of genius with both unparalleled talent and character was so easy to find?”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He did not know much about that legendary ruthless...

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