Chapter 635: Sect Selection

Chapter 635: Sect Selection

The super sect experts above the Hundred Empire Mountain slowly descended after the battle came to an end, before finally coming to rest in the skies above the mountaintop.

The commotion on the mountaintop immediately died down when everyone saw this, and a passionate look burned in the eyes of many. Evidently, they were aware of what was going to happen next...

“Everyone, I think that there is no need to continue this Hundred Empire War until the end this time around, is there?” Wu Dao beamed as he looked at the mountain top, before looking towards the remaining experts from the various super sects.

“The final Nirvana Golden Ranking battle is merely to select the most outstanding champion. I think that there is already someone suitable for that spot, no?” The expert from the Great Desolate Palace also nodded and laughed.

From the side, some of the other experts from the super sects also nodded slightly upon hearing this. After which, their gazes turned downwards in unison and finally gathered onto a tall young figure below.

Liu Tong’s eyebrows knitted together slightly. Qin Tian’s failure to obtain the champion spot was now somewhat...

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