Chapter 634: Origin

Chapter 634: Origin

In the darkness, Ling Qingzhu’s moving figure suddenly froze. Her bright eyes were no longer as calm as before. Instead, a rich disbelief had taken its place.

Her emotions, which only surfaced rarely just like the blossoming of the epiphyllum flower, suddenly arose at this moment because of a single name uttered by her companions.

Lin Dong...

It was an ordinary name. However, it stirred violent ripples in Ling Qingzhu’s calm lake like heart.

She would never forget what happened four years ago in that tiny Great Yan Empire.

Over the past four years, she had buried that incident deep within her heart. Along with it, she had also buried the one called Lin Dong in the deepest recesses of her heart and tried to forget about him with the passage of time.

However, despite burying it for four years, everything had been completely awakened...

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