Chapter 62: Yan City

WDQK Chapter 62: Yan City

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The next day, in front of the Steel Wood Manor, were several horse carriages neatly aligned together. Stacked on these horse carriages, were piles of bounded Steel Wood.

On the surface, the purpose of this trip to Yan City was to sell Steel Wood. However, the real motive was to sell the Yang Yuan Stone. However, this real motive could not be easily revealed. Or else, it could lead to some unexpected trouble.

With regards to this first sale, Lin Zhentian placed heavy emphasis on it and he decided to lead it personally. In addition, he even instructed Lin Xiao, Lin Mang and several hundred guards to accompany him. This was a pretty significant force, and normal bandits would definitely not dare to harass them.

Lin Zhentian rode atop of a handsome horse. With a powerful aura and a tough body, one has to truly respect this old man who single handedly built up his family in this Qingyang Town.

“Has everyone arrived?” After a cursory inspection, Lin Zhentian turned his head towards Lin Xiao and asked.

Seated beside Lin Xiao, Lin Dong also rode on a handsome horse. For this journey to the Yan City, the most important thing was to avoid trouble. Since Little Flame will inadvertently attract much attention, it was best to leave it in the Steel Wood Manor.

After hearing Lin Zhentian’s enquiry, Lin Xiao nodded his head as he replied in a deep voice: “It’s all ready. We can leave anytime!”


Upon hearing his reply, Lin Zhentian nodded his head in satisfaction. Without further ado, he waved his hand as he promptly raised his whip and instructed his horse to dash off towards the main road.

As Lin Zhentian left, the massive army immediately followed amidst a series of echoes.

As he clipped his legs around the horse’s back, Lin Dong turned to wave goodbye to Qing Tan, before he immediately followed behind them.

Yan City was the closest major city located near Qingyang Town. Of course, this was only a comparative way of speaking, because when Lin Zhentian and the rest arrived at the outskirts of Yan City, it was already noon.

The major road leading up to Yan City, was filled with people and it was extremely crowded and noisy, causing Lin Dong to involuntarily swallow his tongue. Even though they had not arrived at Yan City, it was already this crowded. One could only imagine the crowd when one arrives in the middle of Yan City.

“Dong-er, when we arrive in the city, do not stir up any trouble. This Yan City is extremely complicated, and there could be many powerful people hidden within. Remember that some of them must not be offended.” As he stared at Lin Dong’s inquisitive face, Lin Xiao, who was standing beside him, immediately warned him.

Lin Dong smiled, before he suddenly asked: “Father, this Yan City is so much bigger than Qingyang Town. The battles between its major factions must surely be more intensive?”

“In this Yan City, approximately one major faction dies every month, while a new faction takes its place. So what do you think?” Lin Xiao smiled as he answered.

“However, in this Yan City, there are three major factions that stand above the rest. No one can threaten their position…”

“Oh? Which three?” Lin Dong curiously asked.

“Yan City Lord Manor, Ten Thousand Gold Merchants and Blood Wolf Gang.” Lin Xiao pursed his lips. These factions were definitely in a different league compared to their Lin Family.

“In these three major factions, there are numerous highly skilled practitioners. In fact, some of them even have Dan Yuan practitioners. In the Yan City outskirts, even though there are numerous other factions, most of them rely on these three major factions to survive.”

Lin Dong silently muttered to himself, as he gently nodded his head. In this place, only a Yuan Dan practitioner, had the right to speak.

“Haha, no need to be discouraged. Once our Lin Family successfully develops that mining Lode, we can develop another Yuan Dan practitioner. At that time, our Lin Family will have a place in this Yan City.” As he saw Lin Dong turn silent, Lin Xiao thought that he had been discouraged. Therefore, he immediately approached him as he smiled and told him.

After hearing these words, Lin Dong smiled. Dan Yuan Stage… He was truly curious regarding this stage…

The horse carriages calmly traversed through the crowd as it finally reached the gates of Yan City. As he saw that nearly hundred-foot tall wall surrounding the city, Lin Dong swallowed his tongue again. Comparing Qingyang Town with this city, it definitely seemed a little lackluster.

After they paid a small token at the city’s gate, the horse carriages successfully entered Yan City.

After they passed through a dark and serene tunnel, immediately, a deafening noise swarmed them like a tidal wave, causing Lin Dong, who was not prepared at all, to feel a little nauseous. Moments later, he recovered his senses, only to see huge crowds of people on the streets. As he turned to look at the grand architecture in the city, he involuntarily released a deep breath…

“Let’s look for a place to rest first.”

This was evidently not the first time that Lin Zhentian and the rest visited Yan City, as they seemed pretty familiar with the roads when they lead the carriages through multiple streets, before they finally settled down at a serene inn.

They settled their plan in the inn. They would split into two forces. The first division would be led by Lin Mang and he was in charge of selling the Steel Wood. As for Lin Zhentian and Lin Xiao, they would personally take charge of two cases of Yang Yuan Stone. Finally, Lin Dong and the rest of the guards would stay behind in the inn.

As he saw Lin Zhentian and the rest leaving, Lin Dong was exasperated. After approximately half an hour’s time of waiting, he finally decided to venture out on his own. After all, it was a rare opportunity to visit Yan City, and he did not want to waste it sitting in this inn..

As Lin Dong casually loitered in Yan City, because he did not have a defined purpose, he decided to follow the crowds. Eventually, he slowly drifted towards the center of the city.

Perhaps it was because there were several factions, compared to Qingyang Town, this Yan City seemed to be more chaotic. Along the way, Lin Dong saw three different groups of people fighting with each other. However, with regards to these scuffles, most people seemed indifferent to them. In fact, there were several in the crowd cheering them on. Based on their expressions, it seemed like they were not worried that they would be involved.

Lin Dong was not particularly interested in these disputes, therefore he only glanced at them before he turned to leave. After travelling through several streets, he finally stopped in front of a fairly large and grand building.

“Mysterious Objects Tower.”

As Lin Dong stared at the three words inscribed on the tower, a flash of awe surfaced in his eyes. Even someone like him, who rarely ventured into Qingyang Town, had faintly heard of this “Mysterious Objects Tower.” Henceforth, this was evidently a famous landmark.

As he stood in front of the door, Lin Dong hesitated for a moment, before he finally stepped inside.

As Lin Dong stepped through the door, a large hall immediately surfaced in front of his eyes. In this large hall, were numerous shelves and within these shelves, were numerous items being displayed.

Elixirs, Elixir Pills, Weapons, Demonic Crystals, Martial Arts Manuals…

As he glanced around, Lin Dong saw all kinds of items. He immediately understood that most of these items, were not of an ordinary background.

“Haha, this young gentlemen here. What do you require?” As Lin Dong was staring around at the items in the shelf, an assistance dressed in green clothes walked over and asked with a smile, before he took out a long black sword from a shelf.

“Black Steel Sword. This was forged from a hundred pieces of black steel. It is extremely sharp and can even cut through feathers. Furthermore, a famous master carved symbols and injected Yuan Power into it. Therefore, it can pierce through any armour. If you possessed it, it would definitely boost your fighting abilities.”

Lin Dong looked at that black sword and saw that inscribed on it, was a weird wiggly symbol that was faintly glowing.

Shaking his head, Lin Dong was evidently not interested in this item. After witnessing this situation, that assistant had no choice but to put that steel sword away, before he tirelessly recommended other items to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong did not pay much heed to him, as he slowly scanned through the shelves. Moments later, he suddenly stopped. Right in front of his eyes, stood a small palm-sized green sack. A weird glow flashed on the surface of that rope sack.

Low Level Qian Kun Bag, Forty Eight Yang Yuan Stones.

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