Chapter 61: Yang Yuan Pills

WDQK Chapter 61: Yang Yuan Pills

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Gazing at the powder falling from the palm of his hand, Lin Dong’s facial expression changed drastically. Just as he was about to panic over this matter, he suddenly saw tiny streams of light shooting out from his right palm before finally crisscrossing together and, to his surprise, condensing into a thumb-sized fiery-red pill!

When that fiery-red pill appeared on his palm, Lin Dong’s eyelids violently blinked twice. Recalling all the magical properties possessed by the Stone Talisman, he deduced that it had likely refined the three pieces of Yang Yuan Stone……

As his lips opened briefly, Lin Dong discreetly stuffed that fiery-red pill into his sleeves. Then, as he turned around to look, he heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that no one around had noticed this sudden turn of events. Next, he extended his palm again and grabbed three pieces of Yang Yuan Stone, before he immediately exited the mining lode. Just as he ran into the woods, he shouted towards Lin Xiao with a laugh: “Father, let me play with some Yang Yuan Stones.”

After he shouted, Lin Dong immediately left without waiting for Lin Xiao to reply.

“This brat……”

As he stared at Lin Dong’s back, Lin Xiao helplessly shook his head. However, he did not take this matter to heart. After all, Lin Dong now held an extremely high status in the family, one that may even exceed his, and no one would think to complain if he took a few Yang Yuan Stones.

After Lin Dong exited the mining lode, he immediately slipped back towards his room and shut his room door tightly. Finally, he heaved a sigh of relief, as he flipped over his palm and a fiery-red pill immediately appeared in his eyes.

This fiery-red pill seemed much more potent and rich compared to the Elixir Pills refined from those Grade 3 Elixirs. Thanks to this fiery-red complexion, it seemed like this pill contained a massive amount of energy, it felt extremely warm.

“Is this the Yang Yuan Pill that Father previously mentioned?” Lin Dong muttered to himself, as he fiddled with this warm fiery-red pill.

The Yang Yuan Pill that Lin Xiao had mentioned previously, was refined from Yang Yuan Stones by certain skilled practitioners. In fact, the actions of the Mysterious Stone Talisman seemed exactly similar.

“However, Father did mention that in order to refine one “Yang Yuan Pill”, it would typically require ten Yang Yuan Stones… However, previously, the Stone Talisman only used three Yang Yuan Stones.”

Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. If this pill was really the so-called “Yang Yuan Pill”, then there can only be one explanation: The Mysterious Stone Talisman refining skill is at a truly terrifying stage. While others require ten Yang Yuan Stone to refine one Yang Yuan Pill, it only required three pieces of Yang Yuan Stone. It’s efficiency, was more than three times!

As he thought of this point, even Lin Dong felt a little taken aback. If news of this matter spread out, it would definitely cause a major commotion. In fact, after this commotion, the most likely possibility was that he would be captured by some powerful major factions, and forced to refine “Yang Yuan Pills” daily in a tiny dark room…

Lin Dong wiped off his cold sweat, as he immediately focused his attention on the three Yang Yuan Stones on his lap. He was curious to determine if the Stone Talisman truly possessed such a terrifying ability, and he decided to test it again.

As this thought flashed through his mind, without further ado, Lin Dong immediately removed the three Yang Yuan Stones from his lap and stacked them on his right palm.


Just as that three Yang Yuan Stones were piled on his palm, tiny streams of light burst out from his palm against. Under the glare of these light beams, the Yang Yuan Stone began to darken rapidly, before it immediately turned into a pile of dust moments later.

Just as the Yang Yuan Stones turned into dust, the light beams crisscrossed, as a fiery-red pill once again appeared on Lin Dong’s palm.

“It is indeed the case…”

As Lin Dong stared at that fiery-red pill, he involuntarily heaved a deep breath, as a serious expression surfaced on his face.

“This matter must be concealed.”

As he softly sighed, Lin Dong released a pained laugh. Perhaps some truly powerful practitioners possess such a terrifying refining ability, however, he was not one of them. Right now, he was not some powerful elite practitioner, hence if he displayed this ability, it will not only inspire awe, but also bring about disaster. In fact, it may even devastate the entire Lin Family.

“Let’s test out the effects of this Yang Yuan Pill.”

Lin Dong flicked his head, as he gradually calmed himself down. Then, he took off his shoes and sat on his bed. However, he did not immediately swallow that Yang Yuan Pill. Instead, he chose to exert QingYuan Arts first, in order to absorb the Yuan Power from between Heaven and Earth, and strengthen his body and Dan Yuan.

Lin Dong kept training quietly for approximately an hour, before he finally popped that Yang Yuan Pill into his mouth.


Just as that Yang Yuan Pill entered his body, Lin Dong’s both ears suddenly heard a loud echo. Instantly, a tsunami of warmth energy quickly spread across his body. This energy was rich and powerful, however it was not savage and could be easily absorbed. Therefore, one’s body felt extremely warm, just like soaking in a sauna, extremely comfortable.

As that warm energy circulated around his body, it seeped into his bones, inner channels, and flesh before it finally poured into his Dan Yuan.

“Hua la la….”

As that tsunami-wave energy poured into his Dan Yuan, Lin Dong could vividly feel that the Yuan Power within his Dan Yuan had grown and strengthened. Eventually, he even heard crisp “hua la la” sounds echoing out.


As the Yuan Power in his Dan Yuan grew stronger, steam starting to emerge from Lin Dong’s head. Moments later, his calm body began to vibrate uncontrollability. As he opened both of his eyes, a bright Yuan Power involuntarily undulated on his body’s outer surface, just like tidal waves.

“Earthly Yuan Later Stage!”

As he sensed the powerful Yuan Power within his Dan Tian, an uncontrollable delight surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. After two fruitless months of training, he had finally achieved a breakthrough!

In just five months’ time, Lin Dong had advanced from Earthly Yuan Early Stage to Earthly Yuan Later Stage. This training progress is enough to shock anyone.

Even that famed Lin Langtian, took two years before he advanced from Earthly Yuan Stage to Heavenly Yuan Stage. Even though it was difficult to advance from Earthly Yuan Later Stage to Heavenly Yuan Stage, Lin Dong was confident that, in a year’s time, he will breakthrough to Heavenly Yuan Stage!

Lin Dong’s was already a talented individual. In addition to his own hard work and perseverance, and help from the Stone Talisman, his training progress is unmatched.

“This is indeed a Yang Yuan Pill…”

Lin Dong lifted his head, as he exhaled a mouth of white air. A comfortable sensation slowly spread out across his body, as he muttered to himself, while keeping both of his eyes gently shut.

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