Chapter 586: Improving His Abilities

Chapter 586: Improving His Abilities

Rich black Qi was being continuously emitted from within the body of the Death Spirit General. At this moment, nearly half of his body had been crushed. If he was an ordinary person, it was likely that he would have died. However, he still had a remanent breath left, causing the situation to appear extremely strange.

Although he still had a breath remaining, the Death Spirit General was clearly seriously wounded. Even his flickering eyes became unusually dim at this moment and there was anger and panic vaguely flashing within his eyes.

He had never expect that he would end up falling into such a state. After all, his strength could be considered to be amongst the top even amongst those super empires and would not be inferior to them. Moreover, his original powerful five Yuan Nirvana Stage strength was also sufficient to allow him to reach the true top tier position within this core zone.

Additionally, his training method was strange. Even those top level experts who had similarly stepped into the five Yuan Nirvana Stage would definitely not be able to...

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