Chapter 585: Extermination

Chapter 585: Extermination

Wuuu wuuu!

The countless piercing shrieks from the glowing ghost claws caused one’s head to be stricken by waves of dizziness. Evidently, it possessed the unique power of a Mental Energy attack.

“Lin Dong?”

The expressions of Liu Cheng and his partner changed when that figure appeared in front of Su Rou. However, it was impossible for them to withdraw at this moment. Their eyes immediately turned chilly as an ominous light flashed onto their faces. Immediately, they clenched their hands before an increasingly darker and colder black light surged out from their palms and poured into the black ghost claws.

They had stealthily observed Lin Dong’s strength before, thus it was only natural that they did not dare to underestimate him. Of course, they were not weaker than Feng Cang. Hence, even though they were wary of Lin Dong’s strength, they were not too afraid of him. With the two of them joining hands, they believed that Lin Dong would only be able to retreat!

The colour of the already black ghost claws became even deeper with the infusion of the duo’s mighty Yuan Power, and now looked...

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