Chapter 579: Snatching Treasure

Chapter 579: Snatching Treasure

The green light and the black glow spread over the sky in a crazy and wild fashion. Each of them occupied half of the sky. That terrifying ripple caused countless number of people to turn pale in dismay.

The large green coloured dragon tore through the distant air. One could vaguely see Lin Dong’s body within the dense green light. Fresh blood continuously flowed out from his body. Some injuries had appeared on that strong body which he was proud off. This was not as a result of an external force, instead it was the strong burden brought about by the eruption of the Heavenly Dragon Aura within his body, something which was beyond what his physical body could handle.

That Heavenly Dragon Aura that Qing Zhi had left behind within Lin Dong’s body was extremely powerful. However, it was not a strength that the current Lin Dong was able to easily control. Even just by activating a portion of the power, it was still able to cause that physical body of Lin Dong, which was considered strong,...

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