Chapter 574: The Final Victor

Chapter 574: The Final Victor


Every gaze in the auction house almost simultaneously turned and gathered on Song Tai’s body. Every single gaze was filled with shock, a rather spectacular sight sight.

Everyone could imagine that any person would vie for this Crossing Disaster Pill. However, they had never expected that the even the guardian of Wanxiang City, the man who came from a super sect, Song Tai, would take part as well..

Since this man’s first appearance, he had maintained neutral position and merely observed the infighting between different empires. At this juncture, it seemed like he could no longer maintain that neutrality...

Feng Cang, Mu Lin and the rest’s faces were similarly bewildered. Promptly, the latter shook his head regretfully. Since Song Tai has spoken, notwithstanding whether they could match up to his offer, even if they could do so, one would not be so foolish. At the end of the day, Song Tai held the highest authority in this city and he did not care which super empire you came from. As a member of...

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