Chapter 570: Balance Spirit Fruit

Chapter 570: Balance Spirit Fruit

The glowing purple orb surrounded by a faint halo looked extremely magical as it hovered at the highest point of the stage. The unique and powerful energy wave that it emitted had undoubtedly made it the spotlight of the entire market, causing the eyes of countless onlookers to be filled with burning fervor and greed.

If it were not for Song Tai standing guard on the auction stage with a straight face, and if he did not represented a super sect, the onlookers in this place would have their rationality overwhelmed by greed and try to seize the artifact by force.

This kind of incident might be rarely seen in the outside world, yet it was commonplace in the Ancient Battlefield. In this place, if one was powerful enough, he or she could do anything without any obstruction.

Atop the auction stage, Song Tai looked down at the restless auction market with a dull face. After a moment, he waved his hand and one of the glowing orbs flew down and landed on his palm. The light dissipated and materialized into an three feet tall green mountain peak.

“The first auction item is an Earthly Soul Treasure, Soul Peak Sword. This sword is one of the finest treasures among the Earthly...

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