Chapter 569: Wanxiang Auction

Chapter 569: Wanxiang Auction

His sinister laughter resounded throughout the auction area. However, what changed most people’s facial expression, was that they could sense the strong killer intent within that laughter.

All their attention was finally shifted towards Lin Dong. However, what surprised everyone was that even when Lin Dong was being threatened by the notorious leader of the Wind Cloud Empire, his face was still as calm as a serene lake. Countless faces were reflected in his eyes. No one knew what this youth was thinking of when he actually dare to provoke the Wind Cloud Empire.

Beside Lin Dong, Little Marten shot an indifferent glance at the guy with a scar on his face. His purple-black eyes seemed to be surging with chilliness.

At this moment, the silly smile on Little Flame’s face disappeared as well. A terrifying baleful aura began to emit from him slowly. He raised his head and a tinge of scarlet was rising in his eyes. Then, like a great beast from the desolated land, he warned with a deep and brutal voice, “I dare you to try it.”

The auction...

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