Chapter 558: Companion

Chapter 558: Companion

The forest was a complete mess. The auras of the four Wind Cloud Empire practitioners were close to extinguishing. Lin Dong ignored them as he looked towards the direction Yan Mo had fled. Though he did not fear any super empire now, he still wanted to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Hence, leaving someone alive who could notify others, was something he was unwilling to do.

“Brother Lin Dong, Yan Mo is not weak and has many cards up his sleeve. Allowing brother Lin Diao give chase alone…” Su Kui clearly understood Lin Dong’s intention, hence he cautioned in a low voice.

Lin Dong chuckled and waved his hand. In the face of Little Marten, no matter what tracks Yan Mo had up his sleeves, they would all be worthless.

At this moment, Little Flame also retrieved his metal rod and his sturdy body landed at Lin Dong’s side. The shadow cast by Little Flame’s body enveloped Su Kui and the rest, causing their hearts to feel as if they were being crushed by a boulder. Little Flame’s ferocity from before had evidently left some lingering fear in their hearts.

Su Rou sneaked a peek at Little Flame. The face, which was overflowing with an astonishing cruelness just moments...

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