Chapter 557: Vicious

Chapter 557: Vicious

After Lin Dong’s soft words came out of his mouth, the Su Rou trio saw a fearsome fiendish look appearing on the honest-looking Little Flame’s face, who had previously kept quiet and did not speak a single word.

At that moment, it was as if this honest-looking fellow, who possessed a gigantic physique, instantly became a bloodthirsty Asura that clawed out of hell!

Upon seeing Little Flame’s fiendish posture, Su Kui swallowed the words in his mouth that he intended to say previously. From the moment they met, he could sense the mysteriousness of the Lin Dong trio. Furthermore, Lin Dong clearly was not an impulsive individual. If he knew the background of these people and he still dared to take actions, he must have something that he could rely on.

In this Ancient Battlefield, Su Kui had seen a lot of low-profile individuals with terrifying capabilities. He could not guarantee that Lin Dong does not belong to this group of ind...

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