Chapter 553: Little Marten’s Might

Chapter 553: Little Marten’s Might

The monstrous black light was just like a black curtain that spread over the day sky with lightning like speed. Even the sunlight that scattered from the sky had vanished.

The two black figures looked at this black light that was swiftly spreading from the top of their heads, before their eyes suddenly turned stern and solemn. It was likely that they had sensed the strange strength contained within the black light.

“This fellow is a little unusual!”

The two of them exchanged glances and saw the meaning contained in the other’s eyes. They had discovered Lin Dong’s group back at the Ancient Hall and had similarly seen Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s powerful strength when they defeated Zhu Tianhuo’s group. However, that was not enough to surprise them. It was due to this that they decided to follow Lin Dong’s group, preparing to find a chance to kill this fellow who might have had unearthed their conspiracy. However, no matter how they thought, they would never have expected that the seemingly youngest Little Marten, was the one who hid himself the deepest.

The development of this matter seemed to have spun out of their contr...

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