Chapter 541: Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead

Chapter 541: Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead

Lin Dong was clearly aware of the might of the Nirvana Demon Flame. This was something that even those experts who had stepped into the three Yuan Nirvana Stage, were extremely afraid of. If it was used appropriately, it could be considered quite a powerful killing weapon.

Of course, everyone was aware of the power of the Nirvana Demon Flame. However, all of those who were experiencing the tribulation viewed it as a painful eyesore and all of them begged for this thing to disappear with all their might. Most people did not possess the ability or the wild ambition to even think about subduing the Nirvana Demon Flame like Lin Dong did…

Lin Ding was clearly someone who did things in a resolute and decisive fashion. After making up his mind, he ceased delaying any longer. A thought passed through his mind and his majestic Yuan Power and Mental Energy appeared to have been completely activated at this moment.

Buzz buzz! An enormous amount of energy buzzed within Lin Dong’s body. They adopted numerous ring shapes...

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