Chapter 521: Violent Wolf Tian Zhen (Teaser)

Chapter 521: Violent Wolf Tian Zhen

The man who had suddenly appeared was wearing a glaring red robe. There seemed to be a faint bloody scent spreading from him, informing others that the person before them was definitely no saint despite the friendly smile on his face.

When the green clothed man and the others by the side saw this smiling red robed man, their expressions suddenly changed as they cried out in alarm, “Violent Wolf Tian Zhen?

“Violent Wolf Tian Zhen?”

Lin Dong’s lips tightened a little when he heard this form of address. A grave expression flashed across his eyes. There were four great overlords of this north-western region. Demon Spear Liu Bai, Mountain Shattering Axe Jiang Shan, Beast Fist Mu Shou and Violent Wolf Tian Zhen.

To think that the one who had appeared was actually one of the four overlords of the north-western region, Violent Wolf Tian Zhen, who was ranked alongside Liu Bai.

“Haha, so it is actually someone from the Desert North Empire…” The red robed man glanced at the green clothed man and replied with a friendly smile.

However, this smile contained some chilly aura when it landed in the eyes of the green clothed man and the others. Everyone knew...

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