Chapter 495: Arrival of the Double Tribulations

Chapter 495: Arrival of the Double Tribulations

From time to time, human figures swept past the mighty and vast Pill River, but quickly after, countless bright red human figures would charge out from within the river, causing numerous chaotic battles to continuously erupt in quick succession at various places along the river.

Evidently, the opening of the Ancient Treasure Trove this time around had completely broken the countless years of peaceful silence within this dimension and caused it to become increasingly chaotic.

At this moment, a large group of humans had gathered at a certain edge of the Pill River. Their gazes contained some cold smile as they stared at the Pill River in front of them. That place was being covered by an extremely dense bright red circular light barrier. Meanwhile, the circular light was emitting a powerful energy ripple.

These human figures wore different clothes. The empire’s badge on their chest were also completely different. Clearly, they originated from different empires.

“Wang Lie, that brat called Lin Dong is really hiding inside this thing?” A skinny man amongst the crowd swept over the training platform with sinister eyes before turning his head to the person by his side and asked.


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