Chapter 492: Pill River

Chapter 492: Pill River

The man in black looked quite skinny and in particular, his face was exceptionally pale. He had a pair of deep sunken eyes, which faintly held a peculiar ghastly tinge, giving him a creepy and eerie aura.

In response to the sudden appearance of this person, Lin Dong’s expression grew extremely solemn. The fact that the latter had appeared without Lin Dong knowing indicated that he had some tricks up his sleeve. Currently, no one knew just how many powerful individuals had been attracted to this place by the ancient secret treasure trove. If Lin Dong was not careful, he might accidentally lose his life in his place.


The black metal rod in Little Flame’s hand slammed heavily on the yellow sand. His strong body leaned slightly forward, like a wild beast, who was just about to pounce onto its prey.

“Who are you?” Lin Dong was expressionless as he kept the Golden Body Sharipu into his Qiankun bag before asking.

“You are rather lucky. This Nirvana Sharipu is where the essence of the Nirvana practitioner is located in. If you are able to refine and absorb it, you will be able to become stronger. Along the way, this is the only one I have seen. I never expected that someone else would come first and take it before me.” The skinny black clothed man’s...

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