Chapter 483 Three Brothers (Teaser)

Chapter 483 Three Brothers

Thick white mist spread outwards from the top of the mountain, however, Lin Dong’s eyes were tightly locked onto the figure who was awkwardly walking out of the white mist with heavy footsteps.

The figure was fairly muscular and his black skin made him look exactly like a steel tower. Merely standing there made others feel a pressuring aura that caused one’s breathing to turn ragged.

Looking at this figure, his face looked pretty dull. However, upon closer inspection, one would realize that this face actually vaguely resembled Lin Dong.

The atmosphere on the mountain peak seemed to have frozen while Lin Dong blankly stared at the sturdy figure standing at the edge of the cliff. Moments later, he finally opened his somewhat dry mouth and said, “Little Flame?”

When that black steel tower-like figure heard that name, it's originally dull and black eyes suddenly lit up. Following which, he unblinkingly stared at Lin Dong, scratching his head as if he was trying to say something. However, in the end, only the sound of exhaling came out. Nonetheless,...

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