Chapter 482 Little Flame after Metamorphosis (Teaser)

Chapter 482 Little Flame after Metamorphosis

Boom boom!

Scarlet red flames burst out from the flood of Nirvana pills like giant scarlet red dragons before being continuously absorbed by the humongous figure on the mountaintop below.

Currently, the mountaintop was shaking as if there was an earthquake due to the powerful aftershocks, while an astonishing pressure continuously seeped out from the humongous figure.

In the face of this berserk Nirvana Qi, even Lin Dong retreated several steps as he solemnly watched this scene. Although the rate at which Little Flame absorbed Nirvana Qi could not compare to himself, who possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, this speed had already far surpassed some Nirvana practitioners!

Moreover, due to Little Flame’s alarming rate of absorption, the flood formed from two hundred thousand Nirvana pills shrunk at a rate which could be seen with the naked eye.

“This fellow has such a good appetite……”

While he watched the quickly disappearing Nirvana pill flood, Lin...

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