Chapter 478 Making A Move (Teaser)

Chapter 478 Making A Move

It was obvious that the current situation would not develop into a internecine like Lin Dong had hoped for. After all, the two high rank empires were well-prepared and had the means to restrain the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger. If this continued, the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger would likely be captured by them and if Lin Dong only revealed himself at that moment, the situation would become extremely troublesome.

Although he would not fear the two empires if he used every card he had, it would still be very troublesome and he would not emerge unscathed. In comparison, if he could join forces with the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger to beat back the two high rank empires, even if any special situation occurred in future, it would still be somewhat easier to deal with than facing two high rank empires alone.

Hence, when the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger fell into a disadvantageous situation, Lin Dong finally decided to make his move; temporarily aiding the former to contend against the two high rank empires.


Killing intent surged in Teng Hu’s eyes as the formidable Yuan Power spear in his hand suddenly shot out. He avoided hitting...

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