Chapter 477 A Fierce Fight (Teaser)

Chapter 477 A Fierce Fight

A muscular figure slowly walked out from the dark mountain cave before it finally appeared under the sunlight.

As the figure revealed itself, the air in the valley seemed to stealthily freeze, while a faint savage aura spread out in the air.

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk a little as he stared at the massive figure. It was several meters tall and looked just like a small-sized giant, while its body was covered in black steel-like fur. The most shocking thing about it was its head. Instead of a human head, there was a large tiger head.

Its sinister fangs had traces of blood on them and gave off a chilling sensation. Meanwhile, it’s slightly blood-red tiger eyes were filled with a savage bloodlust.

This was no ordinary Demonic Beast. This Mighty Earthshaking Tiger had obviously shed most of its beast form. If it was to pass through another one or two Nirvana Tribulations, it could completely leave behind its beast form.

The Mighty EarthShaking Tiger stood upright outside of the mountain cave. It's savage killing aura, which enveloped its body, looked as if it was life-like and it felt sharp like knives.

When the Mighty Earthshaking...

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