Chapter 471 A Situation (Teaser)

Chapter 471 A Situation

Shi Xuan’s body appeared before Lin Dong in a flash. However, he did not launch any attacks on Lin Dong. Instead, he tried to grab the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat in front of Lin Dong. It appeared that he wanted to forcefully snatch the praying mat!


Naturally, Lin Dong could sense Shi Xuan’s motive. With a tinge of chilliness in his eyes, Lin Dong suddenly took a step forward. Immediately, the violent Yuan Power around his body erupted with brilliant rays of light that materialized into a gigantic glowing elephant.

“Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle!”

The gigantic glowing elephant was exuding a terrifying yet powerful aura. With an earth-shaking force, it charged towards Shi Xuan ruthlessly.

Bang bang!

The air beneath exploded due to that powerful impact. Following which, Shi Xuan’s eyes squinted before his facial expression changed abruptly into a fearsome one. Ignoring Lin Dong’s attack, he did not withdraw his hand and continued reaching for the praying mat.

He drooled at the thought of obtaining this praying mat - which was able to fuse two different...

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