Chapter 460 The Scheme

Chapter 460 The Scheme

The number of empires in the ancient battlefield was like stars in a vast sky, which was inumerable. Even the number of high rank empires could dazzle one’s eyes. It is not an easy task to establish one’s reputation amidst such a competitive environment.

Clearly, the Devil Cliff Empire was one of those reputable high rank empires. Even though their reputation reeked of blood, they was still made up of real capabilities. Therefore, the Devil Cliff Empire had been considered by many empires as an empire that was troublesome yet could not be offended.

In fact, this idea had been further reinforced in many people’s minds after a high rank empire was previously eradicated by the Devil Cliff Empire.

And because of this, after news on the killing of a Nirvana stage practitioner from the Devil Cliff Empire spread out, commotions and uproars broke out in this vast vicinity.

Apparently, no one had expected that someone would actually dare to offend the Devil Cliff Empire at this...

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