Chapter 459 Trouble

Chapter 459 Trouble

In the arena, several pairs of eye stared in shock at the Mental Energy Spear that protruded from Li Pan’s chest. As they watched the crimson red blood gushing out continuously from that bloody wound, for a moment, everyone’s minds descended into chaos.

Lin Dong had actually killed Li Pan...

This shocking news resounded in their hearts, before some of their legs turned into jelly. Li Pan was no ordinary individual; he was a Nirvana practitioner from the Devil Cliff Empire!

The Devil Cliff Empire typically acted in a tyrannical fashion and their methods were extremely cruel. Therefore, even some high rank empires did not dare to offend them. Yet, Lin Dong had actually brazenly slaughtered Li Pan...

Everyone in the arena was keenly aware of commotion this would cause once news of this matter got out. Based on the Devil Cliff Empire’s modus operandi, there was no way they would let Lin Dong off the hook. Therefore, since Lin Dong had thoroughly offended the Devil Cliff Empire, he would have an extremely miserable time in the future .

None of them had any doubts about this....

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