Chapter 458 Killer

Chapter 458 Killer

The resplendent light palm illuminated the entire plaza. The rumbling thunder and howling wind noises that surged within caused shock to surge on everyone’s faces. A Heavenly Symbol Master’s Mental Energy had actually reached such an astonishing level!


Under the wind lightning light palm, Li Pan wore an extremely serious expression. He could sense the terrifying energy contained within the wind lightning palm and he did not dare to be the least bit negligent. His hands abruptly clenched before dazzling golden light abruptly burst out from his body.

It was as if his entire body was made of gold at this moment!

Nirvana Golden Body, the mark of a Nirvana practitioner. In the face of such a powerful attack from Lin Dong, Li Pan had been forced to completely activate his Nirvana Golden Body.

Golden light flowing, Li Pan did not hesitate at all as frightening Yuan Power frantically condensed on his fists before he punched out.

There was nothing fancy about this fist, but the undulations contained within were powerful enough to heavily injure a quasi Nirvana stage practitioner like Liu Yuan!


Under the attention of countless individuals, the golden first directly clashed...

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