Chapter 457 Might of a Heavenly Symbol Master

Chapter 457 Might of a Heavenly Symbol Master

The entire area was silent. On the stone chair, Li Pan’s expression was one of dread. Lin Dong’s sudden advancement to the Heaven Symbol Master had evidently surpassed his expectations and this situation had already spun out of his control.

He clearly understood that since Lin Dong had advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master, he had the ability to face off directly against him. Moreover, Lin Dong still had a Soul Puppet in his hands that was comparable to a Nirvana stage practitioner.

This line-up was enough to frighten Li Pan.

“I was wondering why you dared to appear. It turns out that you had something up your sleeve.” However, though he felt fearful, Li Pan did not panic. He icily stared at Lin Dong while these words slowly left his mouth.

There were many Devil Cliff Empire practitioners at this side, and among them were two quasi Nirvana practitioners with strengths comparable to Liu Yuan and the rest. In addition, there were some half-step-to Nirvana practitioners,...

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