Chapter 455 Li Pan

Chapter 455 Li Pan

Yang City was bustling with noise and excitement as usual. From the constantly moving streams of people on the streets, one could see just how the popular the city was.

However, some newcomers would fail to detect the now somewhat different atmosphere in Yang City.

Those who were familiar with the original distribution of power in Yang City would stare at the few lofty towers at the center of the city with a slightly complicated look on their faces. Those towers originally belong to the Lingyun Empire and Great Yuan Empire. However, these two former powerhouses were forced to give up these properties because they were now owned by a more powerful master.

The Devil Cliff Empire.

A genuine high rank empire. The Devil Cliff Empire possessed an illustrious reputation even amongst the other high rank empires. Although this kind of reputation was not always a positive one, it still struck fear in the hearts of the other empires. In the ancient battlefield, strength was the most important after all.

In the past, the distribution of power in the Yang City was rather well-proportioned....

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