Chapter 451 Mu HongLing (Teaser)

Chapter 451 Mu HongLing

Clearly, the unforeseen event slightly startled the red-dressed lady. She certainly did not expect Lin Dong to feint with his spear and use this opportunity to force her to retreat.

“Hehe, you are quite an interesting fellow. It seems that big sister has underestimated you. However, I’m afraid it will not be an easy task to snatch the Mysterious Ancient Key from me.”

Even though there were some unexpected changes to the situation, it was clear that Lin Dong had underestimated the lady’s capabilities as well. With a flick of the lady’s slender and lily-white hand, her blazing whip perked up abruptly and curved with a weird arc and lashed towards Lin Dong’s neck with a lightning speed.

Lin Dong could sense the might of the red-dressed lady’s retaliation. Thus, without any hesitation, he grasped his palms before his Heavenly Crocodile Spear appeared immediately. Following which, he quickly brandished his bone spear and stopped the incoming spiralling, blazing whip.


When bone spear and fiery whip made contact, a series of sparks quickly erupted. After which, Lin Dong could feel waves of tingling...

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