Chapter 449 Stone Statue (Teaser)

Chapter 449 Stone Statue

Rumble! Tumble! Tumble!

The entire large hall began to tremble at this moment. Meanwhile, those stone statues that lined up with walls seemed to have came alive, as they slowly stood up. However, what caused everyone’s expression to change drastically was that the aura emitted from these stone statues did not lose out to a Nirvana stage practitioner!


This sudden sight first shocked the crowd, before they all promptly sucked in a breath of cold air. There were a dozen over statues that leapt out from the wall. That was to say, there were more than ten Nirvana stage opponents!

“Quickly retreat!”

Hua Yu, Wu Mo and the rest’s expression changed drastically, before they promptly shouted out quickly. A dozen over Nirvana stage stone statues was enough to completely annihilate them.

When they heard their commands, the men from the Millennial Ice Empire and Great Crow Empire quickly retreated as they tried to leave the large hall.


Nonetheless, just when they were about to make a move, two stone statues suddenly landed right in front of...

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