Chapter 447 The Main Chamber

Chapter 447 The Main Chamber

The blazing figure stood silently behind Lin Dong. Even though it did not make any movements, it still gave off a faint energy wave that unnerved one’s heart.

At this moment, the messy stone chamber was absolutely silent. Regardless of who it was, Mo Tie, Mo Ling or the black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner, all of them were staring at the blazing figure behind Lin Dong in astonishment.

“How can there be a Nirvana stage practitioner by his side!?”

Mo Tie and his counterparts mumbled unbelievably to themselves. They had never seen Lin Dong with a Nirvana stage bodyguard before, and from the Mo Ling trio’s surprised faces, it was clear that they were similarly in the dark.

“A Soul Puppet. So this is your trump card.”

The black-clothed Nirvana stage practitioner said with in hoarse and gloomy voice as he slowly wiped off the traces of blood at the corners of his mouth. He was far more experienced than Mo Tie and the rest. Thus, he could sense that the blazing figure did not have any life force like a human. It was then clear to him that the blazing figure was some kind of Soul Puppet.


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