Chapter 445 Tree Veins Symbol

Chapter 445 Tree Veins Symbol

The rich fragrance of medicine greeted them, while the astonishing energy shockwave caused Mo Tie and the rest to be dumbstruck. Promptly, their breathing turned ragged as they stared at the stone chamber that was filled to the brim with elixirs.

Lin Dong heaved a gentle sigh of relief, before he slowly walked into the stone chamber. When he entered, he finally realized how large this stone chamber was. Though there were numerous elixirs scattered across the stone chamber, Lin Dong did not waste any attention on them. Instead, his eyes were glued to the nearby Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree as his pace suddenly quickened.

Mo Ling and the rest followed behind Lin Dong. They had now also realized Lin Dong’s target. Immediately, a tinge of awe flashed across their eyes. Even though they already knew that there was a Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree in Thunder Granite Valley, when the real deal appeared in front of them, their already prepared hearts were still disturbed.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong’s luck is really good. When news of the Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree was leaked, no one knew if...

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