Chapter 440 Two High-Grade Empires (Teaser)

Chapter 440 Two High-Grade Empires

A figure silently hovered in mid-air, while an icy-cold aura flowed around his body. It seems like the temperature in this area had dropped because of him. Meanwhile, his aura, that was several times more powerful than a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, caused everyone’s faces to change drastically.

After all, they were clearly aware that the one who could possess such an aura must be a perverted existence that had reached Nirvana stage!

Standing in front of the men from Yang City, Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi’s faces were grim as they stared at that man enshrouded by an icy-cold aura. It seems like their worst case scenario had eventually materialized and the mysterious ancient key had indeed attracted several troublesome individuals.

“I wonder which empire is this friend from? Thunder Granite Valley belongs to no one and our men from Yang City have travelled painstakingly to reach this area. Don’t you think that your actions are simply too much?” The first one to speak was Liu Yuan. Their Great Yuan Empire was once a high-grade empire and even though...

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