Chapter 439 Thunder Granite Valley (Teaser)

Chapter 439 Thunder Granite Valley

Warm sunlight poured down from the horizon before it illuminated the massive mountain range. Under the sunlight, various chaotic noises faintly sounded out. On closer inspection, one could see a large group of men and horses swiftly travelling across the mountain range and heading towards the deepest regions.

Those people were naturally the men from Yang City. After the raid by the demonic horde last night, their numbers had evidently fallen. Meanwhile, the remaining members were fairly skilled. Therefore, they gave off a fairly formidable aura.

Lin Dong’s group was naturally among them. They did not choose to travel at the front and instead they chose the safer option and decided to stick around in the middle and follow behind that large group.

As that large group slowly travelled, even though they had already survived an attack by the demonic horde last night, as they travelled deeper into the Thunder Granite Mountain Range, the demonic beasts that appeared grew increasingly powerful. Therefore, this was no carefree...

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