Chapter 435 Another Upgrade (Teaser)

Chapter 435 Another Upgrade

Lin Dong sat in the middle of the lush woods. This area was fairly secluded, plus with Little Marten concealing his presence, he did not have worry about being detected by other people or Demonic Beasts.

Several fist-sized scarlet red Demonic Crystals hovered in front of Lin Dong like resplendent rubies. Within these Demonic Crystals, streams of rich Nirvana Qi stealthily flowed. In fact, it even caused the surrounded air to turn scorching.

The amount of Nirvana Qi within a half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Crystal was equivalent to several hundred Nirvana Pills. Therefore, the amount of Nirvana Qi contained within these twenty Demonic Crystals reached a truly terrifying extent.

Everyone in the ancient battlefield knew the importance of Nirvana Qi. Therefore, everyone coveted these Demonic Crystals which contained potent Nirvana Qi. However, though they coveted it, not everyone had a Blood Soul Puppet as an helper. Therefore, if they wanted to handle a half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beast, even if there were at the same cultivation level, it would be no easy feat to kill them, not to mention, killing...

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