Chapter 433 Vicious (Teaser)

Chapter 433 Vicious

Under numerous astonished stares, the bone spear in Lin Dong’s hand jerked, directly blowing apart the Demonic Beast's head. Fresh blood spurted out, seemingly covering the sky before a flash of light shot out before steadily landing in Lin Dong’s hand.

What had landed in Lin Dong’s hand was a scarlet red fist-sized Demonic Crystal. Red light flowed within the Demonic Crystal while waves of vigorous Nirvana Qi spread outwards, its degree of richness caused even Lin Dong to be a little moved.

Compared to before, when Lin Dong had killed a peak Manifestation stage Demonic Beasts, the Nirvana Qi contained within this Demonic Crystal was practically on a different level.

If he could obtain a few more of these, he should be able to rapidly reach the peak Manifestation stage.

“Good stuff.”

A trace of delight flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. His hand tightened as Devouring Power gushed out, directly devouring the Nirvana Qi within the Demonic Crystal. As streams of Nirvana Qi flowed in his veins,...

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