Chapter 432 Kill (Teaser)

Chapter 432 Kill


As they stared at those powerful Demonic Beasts, whose footsteps are able to shake mountains, everyone’s faces turned increasingly pale. The savage aura gushing out from their bodies let everyone understood just how vicious they were.

Each one of these Demonic Beasts is able to rival a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner!

At the moment, even Lin Dong’s pupils violently shrunk. As he was too far away, he could not tell how many half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts were present. At the very least, based on the ones that he could see, he knew that they were powerful enough to rip apart all the campsites.

At this moment, he finally understood why the demonic horde is considered as a catastrophe in the ancient battlefield. In front of such a massive force, even a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner did not dare to clash against it!

Wu! Wu!

An extremely sharp and piercing warning siren echoed out in the entire mountain range and everyone felt as if their hearts were being squeezed by a invisible large hand.


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