Chapter 418 Massacre

Chapter 418 Massacre

As the gigantic monster flew into the air, howling gales were swept up by its huge wings. Lin Dong’s gaze landed upon the gigantic beast only to see three figures standing loftily atop it. With a sweeping glance, Lin Dong spotted a insignia that emitted a saint light on each of their chests.

“They are indeed members of the Saint Light Empire…”

Lin Dong’s glance turned gloomy as he recognized the familiar insignias. He then said coldly, “If you hurt my three friends, I will slaughter everyone who belongs to the Saint Light Empire in the ancient battlefield.”

“Hehe, you have such an arrogant tone. I’m afraid you are the filth who will be slaughtered today!” Upon hearing Lin Dong’s words, the three men on the gigantic beast laughed sinisterly while their bodies surged with a killing intent.

“Do you think you can ride over the heads of the Saint Light Empire just because you killed Li Sheng that fellow. It seems that today you will understand how foolish you are to offend the Saint Light Empire!”

At the middle of the three men, there was a yellow-clothed guy. He gave Lin Dong a sneering look and then said, “Relax, although your...

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