Chapter 412 Checking The Harvest (Teaser)

Chapter 412 Checking The Harvest

Under the darkness of the night, the outside of the city finally gradually turned silent, yet, the beast corpses and ravines that covered the ground caused reminded everyone about the desperate battle that had erupted in this place.

Lin Dong’s figure slowly descended from mid-air. Although he had gone through a great battle, a bright light still flickered in his eyes, showing that he was not the slightest bit tired. This scene caused the Mo Ling trio to be somewhat fearful. Such strong battle endurance, even a peak Manifestation stage practitioner could not compare.

“Brother Lin Dong, what was it that saved Lin Langtian just now?” Mo Long opened his mouth to ask. He had previously clearly seen Lin Langtian being thoroughly suppressed by Lin Dong, yet, a blurry figure had appeared at the final moment, dispersing Lin Dong’s attack and rescuing Lin Langtian.

“Lin Langtian also has some trump cards. Killing him is not easy, but when we next meet, even that thing will be unable to save him!” Lin Dong replied in a cold cold voice.

Mo Ling silently nodded his head. Soon after, he cast a glance at the spot where Li Sheng...

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