Chapter 410: A Complete Massacre

Chapter 410: A Complete Massacre

All the Yuan Power in this domain raged, while streams of potent Yuan Power continuously gathered above Lin Dong’s head. Thanks to that terrifying shockwave, even the heavens began to tremble.

Such a formidable attack caused everyone to be in awe. It was very hard for them to imagine how Lin Dong could use his advanced Manifestation stage ability to execute such a terrifying attack!


Lin Dong jutted out his finger, while fresh blood continuously dripped off his finger tip. Based on this sight, it seems like even Lin Dong’s powerful physical body could not withstand the might of this finger!

As fresh blood dripped down, the space above Lin Dong’s head was suddenly ripped apart. Immediately, a large finger slowly broke through the air.

When that large finger appeared, an ancient and vicissitude aura immediately permeated the entire domain.

Countless pairs of eyes stared in bewilderment at that giant finger that was breaking through the air. Compared to...

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